The Three Legged Stool

This is a quick post, and forgive the lack of editing it may have. But this was just a situation myself and my mentor had to deal with this last week and it struck a cord with us.

You only get one body. That one you are sitting in reading this. That is your one and only chance at living life. Your body can’t be replaced.

Mind. Body. Soul.
Cardio. Strength. Nutrition.

2 sets of 3 very important aspects to your health and your well being.
Consider your body a 3 legged stool. Now consider that those legs correspond with one of the above sets of 3. So what happens when you remove one leg? The stool stability is compromised and it falls over. Your body is the exact same way. If you don’t do one of the three, you are compromising your bodies ability to function properly.

Your body needs to be cared for, you need to fuel it well, run maintenance and keep tabs on how it responds.

You only get one body, use it wisely. Care for it wisely.

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