The Big Picture

When it comes to our fitness goals or any goal for that matter, we tend to only focus on that end picture…that picture of us crossing the finish the line or standing on top of that mountain.

We never want to focus on the frames in between start and finish. We don’t want to acknowledge the blood, sweat, tears and hard work that it’s going to take.

Most of us give up on that shiny end photo because we think we can’t handle the discomfort and the challenges that come with pursuing that finish line. We seek out the quick fixes, the lies and comfortable ignorance.

We need to start visualizing the big picture. The one that has the ups, the downs, and the in-betweens. We also need to take each win or loss in stride. You finally dropped that 10 pounds,
AWESOME, don’t stop. Keep working, just because you got there doesn’t mean you won’t go back if you quit.  Or maybe you didn’t get to the gym today because life ran you over, SO, don’t quit, it’s one day, get back at it tomorrow.

The Big Picture is a collection of smaller pictures that tell your story, some parts more glamourous than others. Keep fighting, it makes that final picture that much more breath takingly beautiful.



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