Share the Love

All too often in this day and age we live very socially sheltered lives. We receive all our social contact via Facebook, twitter, and text message. We almost dread having a real face to face conversation with real people.

We expect instant replies and effortless conversations. How many of you have a friend from college you only see once a year, sometimes less? Or how many of you just send a Birthday text message or Facebook post? What happened to those days where we made time for our friends and family and left that horribly out of tune sung version of Happy Birthday on the answering machine?

This month, the month of love, as cheesy as that may sound, is a great time to expand out communicative horizons. I challenge you to do two things this month to help better yourself and someone else.

  1. Love Yourself

Acknowledge your successes, and your failures. If January was a busy month, give yourself a day off, a day for you. You will be a better person if you can give your mind and body time to rest, heal and breath.

  1. Share the Love.

Call up that old college friend and go for coffee. Take your significant other out on a real date, in public! Or just call your mom and tell her you love her.

We need to learn to disconnect in order to reconnect. We need to disconnect from the technical world and actually get in some real face-time. Share a laugh, instead of an “LOL” and rejoice in each others company.



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