Be a friend to your body

Friendship is a complex, amazing thing. It is a whole-hearted commitment. One that you don’t step into lightly.

Consider this, your best friend comes to you for support. They haven’t been feeling well, they are stressed, and upset. They just need someone who will listen to their them and maybe help lighten the load. As a good best friend, you, will most likely help in any way you can.

Your family dog means everything to you and you want him to have a happy life. You get him the best food, take him for regular walks, make sure all his shots are up to date and that he has vet care when needed. You are his best friend and provider.

Both friendships are a commitment and they are a two-way street. Your friend who was having a bad day will appreciate all you did for them, and reciprocate when you need their help. Your dog will love you unconditionally, and be your companion for life.

All this said you might be thinking:

What does friendship have to do with my body?

Consider this, your body is your closest, dearest friend. The one that is there for you through thick and thin, sickness and health. Yes, there are times that you may dislike your body but all relationships have their ups and downs. It listens to your needs, it gets excited when you do, and it hurts when you hurt. Our body is the most constant friend we have, it literally supports us from start to finish.

Now remember how we were saying that friendship is a two-way street? Unfortunately, too many of us take this friendship for granted. We abuse our bodies until they simply can no longer cope. We stop listening to it’s concerns, we stop trusting its processes. That friendship has now become a one-way street with all taking and no giving.

Many of us fill our bodies with food we would never even think of feeding our pets. We bottle up our stress until it spills over into physical or mental consequences. We put more effort into neglecting our bodies than caring for them. If you did all of that to your friends, you wouldn’t have very many friends left.

Be a friend to your body.

As you approach the New Year of 2017, keep this in mind. Your body is the longest friendship you will ever have. If you listen to it’s needs, it will go above and beyond for you.

Whether you are a student, a teacher, a parent, a spouse, a grandparent, a body builder, a senior, a teen or any one else, your body is your temple. It will only last if you let it. You cannot be happy if you are not happy and healthy within yourself.

Sleep, relax, eat clean, exercise, reduce your stress and have fun. Most importantly, listen to your body. It will tell you what it needs.


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